In 2010, Apartment Buildings are going to provide a stunning opportunity for people like you and me to build the foundation for real wealth. Do you comprehend the magnitude of that? I’m talking about real wealth, not just income. The kind of wealth that can provide for not just your kids, but your grandkids and their kids. And they just so happen to throw off some pretty impressive cash flow now.

UD FRONT PROFILESo how’s that for having your cake and eating it too?

Do you know that you need to get your name on an Apartment Building deed in 2010, but you don’t have either the cash or the knowledge to buy one on your own?

Then partner with me, and enjoy all of the benefits of ownership without any of the work. It’s that simple.

You Need Less Money

I bought my first Apartment Building on my own, and it required a downpayment near six figures. When you join a partnership to buy an Apartment Building your total out of pocket investment can be as low as $25,000.

You Get ALL the Benefits of Ownership

No matter how much cash you invest in an Apartment Building Partnership, you always receive a proportional share of equity. That means a proportional share of the cash flow, a proportional share of the appreciation, and a proportional share of the tax benefits.

You Do NO Work

You don’t have to set up the LLC, Operating Agreement, or Business Bank Accounts. You don’t have to be there for the property inspection or perform the due diligence. You don’t have to interview property managers or set up policies, procedures, or guidelines for the management of the Apartment Building. You don’t have to screen tenants, make regular visits to the building, or manage the property managers. And you don’t have to deal with a CPA at year-end for the partnership tax returns. But you still own the Apartment Building.

You Sit Back and Cash Checks

I can’t make it any more simple that that. You’ll get a check and a management report every month. You cash the check and review the report. That’s it. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

Trust Me – Being Tarzan is Overrated

After talking to literally dozens of people that have told me how much they wanted to own an Apartment Building, the most common reason why the vast majority haven’t is comical.

I call it “Tarzan Syndrome”.

That’s when someone’s convinced that the only way they’ll buy an Apartment Building is if they do it completely on their own so they can beat their chest about – because they did it on their own. I can speak on the subject because I once had that disease. But since I bought mine and spent a solid year working my tail off to get it stabilized I’m now completely cured. Been there, done that.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’d be perfectly happy to sell you an Apartment Building, and there are several on the market right now that are extremely profitable, but I’ve learned my lesson and my own money is going into Apartment Building partnerships from now on.

If this strikes a chord with you then give me a call. I can be reached directly at (248) 971-0764.

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