Speaking Engagements

I love to speak to people that are just getting started in Real Estate but don’t know where to begin. Another group that I connect with automatically is fellow middle-level corporate executives, because as a group we are being squeezed hard by this economy. But in truth, I enjoy speaking in front of just about any group of any size that’s interested in real estate investing.

The two things that set me apart from other speakers is that, first, I’m a business person that does some speaking when it fits with my schedule. I’m by no means a professional speaker, a motivational speaker, or a guru of any sort. I’m out “doing” every single day, including weekends and some holidays, and since I live in the trenches I can talk about what I did yesterday and what I plan to do tomorrow.

And since I still have a full-time, Director-level corporate “day job”, a stay-at-home wife, four active kids under 14, and a terminally ill mother that lives with us that we take care of, I can speak from the perspective of someone achieving success in a “side business” with one of the most severe time constraints possible. That tends to resonate well with just about every group that I speak to.

The second thing that sets me apart from others, especially other real estate speakers, is that I’m good!  LOL

Seriously. I love speaking, I’m entertaining, I resonate with audiences, and I can’t remember the last time I spoke from a prepared text

My favorite topics are:

Why 2010 is the Year to Buy Apartment Buildings. There is a huge opportunity to take advantage of the chaos and uncertainty in the commercial real estate market this year, and lay the foundation for long-term financial success. This talk lays out the reasons why, and discusses how it can be done.

The Five House Retirement Plan. About the only people that I know that are looking forward to it are the people that own their own businesses. Why? Because they have cash flow coming in now, when they need it, and they have a business that they can sell and cash-out of later, when they’re done working. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. And that’s why I’m doing the same thing. Except that my business is rental real estate. And I’m doing it completely along-side my demanding day job in the automotive industry here in Southeast Michigan. This talk discusses retirement planning using single family houses. The numbers will blow your audience away.

Social Media and Real Estate Investing. How about a stirring talk by an actual user of social media and not just some arm-chair “social media expert” that has never run a business but loves to tell everyone what to do? I have been an active user of social media tools now for three years, and I have monetized my investment in using it – in hard dollars and cents. In this talk I show the audience what I’m doing and tell them why twitter is dead the way it’s being used now.

If you have a particular topic other than these that you’d like me to speak on, feel free to call me to discuss. You can reach me at (248) 971-0764.

Demo Video

You can see a video of my speaking ability here.