I’m Dennis Fassett, the Cash Flow Mercenary.
Let me introduce you to the youngest of my four kids, my third grader Anika. That’s us on the first day of school.

FDoS2Anika is a terrific kid who loves school, and as the youngest she has an exuberance for life that is unmatched. It’s a treat watching her grow up and develop her own personality as the youngest in a family of hyper Type-A personalities.

Anika is the reason that I’m in Real Estate. Her future – Grade School, High School, College, and beyond – depends on what I do now. What I work to put into place not just for her, but for my entire family’s future.

It’s up to me to scout out a path and cut my way through the jungle of all of the uncertainty and chaos in the economy and provide for the future. That’s why I do what I do. That’s why I started this fund. And that’s why I’m ultra-conservative with my investing.

Professionally, I earned an MBA with a concentration in finance from the University of Southern California in 1992 and have over twenty years of broad-based work experience in Finance, Business Operations, Information Technology, and Real Estate.

I’m a recognized expert in maximizing the value of cash flow investment real estate, and at present personally own over $2 million in single and multi-family real estate. I’m a published author of a book on single family real estate investing, and I have a second book in process on buying apartment buildings. I also teach seminars on the location, acquisition, and management of cash flow real estate, and coach and consult on an individual basis as well. I specialize in helping first time apartment buyers make their first purchase.

On a personal note, I am also active in the community. I have been a member of the Financial Advisory Board at St Regis Catholic Church in Bloomfield Hills for six years and presently serves as its Chairman, and I recently completed a very long and tiring three year term as Vice Chairman of the Financial Advisory Board for the Village of Beverly Hills, Michigan.