What is the Great Lakes Investment Fund?

A Private Equity fund focused on commercial investment real estate. It’s a diversified, conservative, and yet highly profitable alternative to the volatile and unpredictable stock market.

The Great Lakes Investment Fund is also a way for you to take control of a portion of your investments. First through buying hard assets that you can directly control, and second through hedging yourself against the inflation storm that’s brewing just over the horizon.

Remember ROI?
It’s a forgotten concept in other parts of the country because investors have been buying with negative cash flow and betting on appreciation. That’s not the way it works at the Great Lakes Investment Fund. I don’t accept low or even negative returns, and because of this ALL of my properties cash flow on Day 1.

Whether it is commercial multi-family or residential single family real estate, I seek out properties that offer a combination of cash flow, security, and tax savings that will satisfy even the most demanding investors. In fact, the Great Lakes Investment Fund offers all of the benefits of active ownership without any of the work or stress that is involved with active ownership.

Why the Great Lakes Region?
In one word – opportunity.

The uncertainty in the real estate market has created a golden opportunity to build a massive real estate portfolio at prices and rates of return that haven’t been seen for years. For example, how about Cap Rates on apartment buildings of 9-10% and above for turn-key suburban properties with additional upside potential?

There’s no reason to buy apartment buildings at 4% Cap Rates in other areas of the country, because now you know that the Great Lakes Region is by far the hottest investment real estate market in the country.

Why the Great Lakes Investment Fund vs Other Alternatives?
The primary reason is superior returns, usually over 15% annually, and that’s just from the monthly cash flow. At the same time you also build equity in your properties and receive significant tax benefits. There are also generally no capital calls – once you make your initial investment there are no more contributions required. And the best part? You don’t have to do any of the work and you still receive the benefits of ownership, because all management is handled by an experienced property manager. So the total amount of your involvement is getting a check and a management report every month.